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so take these broken wings;


⚙canon:tsubasa reservoir chronicle

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application for thegames. which i may take him to. maybe. idk dude.

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Name: Syaoran
Fandom: Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle
Canon point/AU: Chapter 124 (Acid Tokyo)
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History: Syaoran's entry on wikipedia.

It should be noted that the particular cannon point I wish to play him from, is a point in his life where his personality and motivations drastically change from what they have been established as in the past 124 chapters of the story. He goes from main protagonist to being literally one of the most dangerous antagonists in the entire series in the span of only a few chapters.

During their time in "Acid" Tokyo, Syaoran and his companions have only just realized that Syaoran is the clone of Tsubasa. The two (Syaoran & Tsubasa) are virtually identical, with only a few minor exceptions. The first being that Syaoran  is simply a copy of Tsubasa; soulless and created for only one purpose. The other being that Syaoran is blind in his right eye.

The blindness is actually an important part of Syaoran's history, character and personality, and here is why:

When Syaoran was created, he was created as a clone of Tsubasa, though not of Tsubasa's own choosing. In fact, he only exists as a result of Tsubasa's capture and imprisonment, and the copy (a.k.a. Syaoran) was sent off to take his place. 

Presentation: Syaoran is a healthy, fit young man. A traveler, an archeologist and a trained fighter. Though he is only around the age of sixteen (age is a tricky thing when your life is in constant motion through time and space) he is incredibly mature of his age.

Motivations: Selfless, serious and devoted, Syaoran has a bad habit of living to make other people happy. Or... so he once did.

Syaoran's motivations are complex to say the least.



What is your character scored: 10

Even without the use of "his" magic, Syaoran is a very skilled fighter. Especially if he can get his hands on a sword. He is fit, fast, and feels no pain, no remorse and no regret. Or if he does, they are buried down so deep within him that he does not register them at all. If he is told that he must kill everyone in the arena in order to be set free - and if being set free from the arena is the only chance for him to get out and continue his mission, he will do so without hesitation.

Disadvantages: he is blind in one eye, and even though he has been trained to compensate for that, it's not going to stop someone from having a slight advantage if they sneak up on him from the right side. He is also young and not a very large person. Anyone with